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Our Team: A Range of Specialties to Get You Back to Your Active Life

David Rodriguez

Davis Rodrigues

Davis Rodrigues was trained in Manchester, England, and specializes in manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), shockwave and the treatment of sports injuries. He has provided physio for professional soccer teams in England and Norway, the professional Wigwam Warriors rugby team and the national Alpine ski team. Davis also has a special interest in pediatrics.

Diane Collard

Diane Collard

Diane was born and raised in Vanderhoof, BC. She earned her MScPT from the University of Alberta in 2007 after completing a BSc in Exercise and Health Physiology at the University of Calgary. Diane is also certified by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute and enjoys incorporating acupuncture into her practice. Diane has spent her physiotherapy career working in private practice in the cities of Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Prince George, and Wollongong, Australia. She enjoys her time away from work, keeping active and spending time outdoors with her husband, her two children and her dogs.

Justin Duncan

Andrew Wautier

Andrew graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2008 with his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and major in Athletic Therapy. He has also obtained his Massage Therapy Diploma from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in June 2022. Andrew is a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Athletic Therapist.


Andrew's extensive field background includes working within both professional and amateur level sports from the NHL, UFC, CIS Football and other athletic organizations. His past clinical experience took place in Kelowna working with both work and sport related injuries. In his spare time Andrew enjoys time spent with his wife and two children and continuing to learn and train in Jui Jitsu.


Phoebe moved from the East coast of the United States in 2013 to attend
Quest University Canada where she studied Environmental Sciences.
After several years of traveling, she came back to British Columbia and
completed the two year accredited Massage Therapy Diploma at the
Okanagan Valley Collage of Massage Therapy located in Vernon, BC.
After graduating from OVCMT in November 2022, Phoebe moved to
Prince George. She uses a variety of massage modalities, with a focus in
Swedish relaxation techniques. It is Phoebes intent to create a safe space
for her clients to help facilitate healing, while also empowering them
with knowledge so they can reach their own goals with confidence and
ease and get back to doing the things they love! Phoebe successfully
completed her registration exams in April 2023 and is looking forward to
starting her new career with Accelerated Sport and Spine Physiotherapy.


Highly Trained Physiotherapists

Our team offers a variety of physiotherapy services to our clients.

Say Goodbye to Pain!

We use different therapies to alleviate all forms of physical pain.

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