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Trusted Physiotherapy Treatment in Prince George

For those of you suffering from injury, discomfort, and any kind of chronic pain, Accelerated Sport & Spine Physiotherapy has methods to treat even the worst conditions with physiotherapy in Prince George. Whether you’re looking for recovery after a serious accident or want to relieve yourself of cumbersome aches and pains, our trained and experienced physiotherapists can get you moving and feeling your best again. Our techniques can help relieve your pain and enhance the mobility of your muscles and tissues. You will receive complete attention from our team of therapists, and under their guidance, you will quickly bounce back to your healthy self. Contact us to book your physiotherapy session at our clinic in Prince George.


Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to meet your rehabilitative needs. Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest machines, and we work towards giving all our patients the most comfortable experience. Some of the physiotherapy services we offer include:

Sports injury therapy

If you’re experiencing recurring pain after an injury while playing your favourite sport, our trained staff can help you ease your pain with our dependable sports injury therapy.

Spinal pain (back/neck) therapy

Are daily chores becoming difficult for you due to pain in the back or neck? Spinal pain therapy can help you regain your ability to sit and walk comfortably. You can be sure that our professionals will thoroughly examine your back and offer a suitable solution.

Post-operative care

If you have undergone a surgical procedure, our professionals can assist you with pain management. Based on your surgery, we can help you recover effectively.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that releases tension and reduces pain. It helps remove the blockage and restore a balanced flow of energy. We provide acupuncture and intramuscular stimulation (IMS) to assist you on your road to recovery.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy refers to the manual examination and treatment techniques under physiotherapy. It is integrated with exercise, patient education, and other physical therapy modalities as per your health and body needs.

Give us a call today, and we’ll provide you with effective physiotherapy to help improve your overall movement quality of life.


Importance of Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy helps restore your body's movement and function, especially when a muscle or nerve is affected by any injury - sports or otherwise, illness or a disability. Our physiotherapists can help diagnose your symptoms, treat and help you work toward pain-free movements. In addition, physiotherapy has been known to cure severe physical conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis. You can trust our team to use their skills and knowledge to help improve your bodily movements and relieve your pain and stress. Physiotherapy is vital because it can help:

  • Fix faulty movement patterns
    Physical therapy can address all kinds of underlying issues related to and causing pain. It can help correct your posture and movement and prevent ongoing problems.


  • Prevent the build-up of scar tissue after an injury
    The build-up of scar tissue after an injury is normal, but it needs to be treated with regular physiotherapy as it can cause pain and tightness. With stretching and other manual techniques, we can prevent this build-up and ensure proper recovery.


  • Stretch tight muscles and joints
    A personalized stretching routine can help maintain muscle flexibility and improve range of motion.


  • Strengthen muscles
    Physiotherapy can help strengthen the muscles and surrounding musculature of the problem area to help relieve stress on joints.


  • Improve post-surgical outcomes
    By helping with pain, scar tissue build-up, strength, flexibility and more, physiotherapy can aid in quicker and better recovery after a surgery.

Along with physiotherapy, we offer massage, drug testing, and other services in Prince George. So whether you are looking to treat a chronic illness or need assistance with sports injuries, don't hesitate to visit our clinic today. We will be happy to help you recover.


Does Your Pain or Injury Impact Your Best Life?

We offer physiotherapy in Prince George to help relieve even your worst ache.

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