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Efficient Lower Back Pain Treatment in Prince George

We recognize the agony and discomfort that lower back pain can cause. If you're experiencing back pain, seek treatment at Accelerated Sport & Spine Physiotherapy in Prince George. Our experts specialize in addressing sensations such as aching, burning, and discomfort in the lower back area.


Located in Prince George's, our proficient physiotherapists conduct comprehensive assessments of your spine and nerves to pinpoint the source of your back pain. Once the underlying cause is identified, we'll work with you to explore suitable treatment options tailored to your needs.


If you're seeking relief from lower back pain in Prince George's or any other physiotherapy services, give us a call. We specialize in addressing back pain and offer a range of treatments to help you find comfort and mobility.


Some of our services include:

Commonly Treated Lower Back Pain Conditions

Regarding back pain, most cases in Prince George's can be attributed to a general cause such as muscle strain, injury, or overuse. It can also be linked to a specific condition of the spine. Here are some of the common back pain conditions:


Spinal stenosis

Compression fractures

Degenerative disc disease

Disc bulges

Disc herniation

Disc inflammation


Ankylosing spondylitis


Sprains & strains






Contact us if you face any of the above lower back conditions in Prince George's.

Symptoms Associated with Back Pain:

Here are some typical symptoms linked to lower back pain commonly experienced by individuals in Prince George's.

Stiff neck

Still back


Constant achy pain in your lower back

Feeling of numbness

A burning sensation

An unexplained itchy sensation

Discomfort in sitting, standing, and rolling over in bed, twisting, and getting dressed

Hands or legs feel weak

Get in Touch

Don’t let your lower back pain hold you back. We understand how frustrating it is when you can’t enjoy life because of persistent discomfort and aching in your back. Get in touch if you're experiencing lower back pain in Prince George. Our highly skilled back pain specialists can help alleviate your discomfort and get you back to feeling like yourself again.


Schedule an appointment today and find relief.

Trustworthy Lower Back Pain Treatment

Rely on our experts in Prince George's for effective lower back pain treatment.

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