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Effective Sports Physio in Prince George

Sports injuries are different from everyday injuries. An athlete’s body requires high-level performance which can cause a great deal of stress on the muscles, joints, and bones over time. Our team of trained and certified therapists at Accelerated Sport & Spine Physiotherapy offers professional sports physio in Prince George to restore bodily function and mobility and avoid future problems. We have years of experience working with athletes across disciplines and helping them recover from injuries.

Get in touch with us to book your sports physio consultation with our therapists in Prince George. We will be happy to help you get back on the road to recovery in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Sports Physio – A Quick Recovery Option for Athletes

More often than not, athletes can’t afford slow recovery. They must return to their active lifestyle to maintain their quality of life. Sports physio involves various physical techniques that not only reduce pain but also improve movement and minimize stiffness at a faster rate. It speeds up the healing process by promoting muscle repair and increasing muscle flexibility and strength. That’s why sports physio is considered a quick and safe recovery solution for athletes. If you also have an injury and require sports physio sessions in Prince George, book a consultation with us. You can browse our image gallery to view our well-equipped clinic.

How Can We Help?

Dealing with a sports injury for the first time can be challenging for an athlete and even take a toll on their confidence. At Accelerated Sport & Spine Physiotherapy, we understand this. That’s why we do our best to help you get back to your optimal level of performance. Depending on the type and severity of your injury, we customize a recovery and rehabilitation program to help get you back on the pitch, field, or court. We work with you to help you achieve your recovery goals. Our team strongly believes in integrating the physical, emotional and social aspects of the patient’s life. We incorporate the following methods in our sports physio treatment plans:

Physical and massage therapy

Braces, splints, orthosis, or casts to immobilize the area

Educating the patient and their family

Exercise programs to stretch and strengthen the injured area

Use of crutches or wheelchairs to manage and facilitate movement

Restrictions and limitations on movement and activity

Conditioning exercises to help prevent further injury

Pain management

In addition to sports physio, we also offer RPW shockwave, accelerated assessments, and other services in Prince George. Please contact us to ask any questions or share any concerns that you may have. We will be happy to help you book an appointment with us.


Suffering from a Sports Injury?

We offer massage therapy, sports physio, and several other treatments in Prince George to relieve your pain and get you back in action.

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