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Skilled and Experienced Massage Therapists in Prince George

Are you feeling tired after a long day of work? Or are you suffering from back or neck pain due to an injury or bad posture? Visit us at Accelerated Sport & Spine Physiotherapy for excellent massage services. Our trained and experienced massage therapists in Prince George can treat headaches, anxiety, stress, and other injuries to help relax your body and mind. We offer a range of safe treatments and therapies that can relieve pain from all parts of your body, including joints, muscles, tissues, or tendons. Our massage sessions are based on natural methods and can be customized to meet your specific needs and health requirements.

Contact us today to book a session with our massage therapists in Prince George.

Massage Therapies to Relieve Pain and Stress

Our massage therapists use various known and studied techniques to help improve your blood circulation. With hand movements, oils, and other methods, they massage and stimulate various muscles and pressure points on your nervous system to relieve strained muscles and alleviate chronic pain.

You can rely on us to provide the following massage services:

Wellness massage

Join restoration massage

Deep tissue massage

Trigger point release massage

Our team of physiotherapists and massage therapists in Prince George will ensure you’re back in action with a pep in your step.

Let Us Fabricate Your Custom Orthosis

An orthosis is an external medical device that is pre-fabricated or custom-made to improve the biomechanics of the affected limb, support and protect it, limit movement, and help it heal better. Apart from providing personalized therapies and services tailored to suit your condition and lifestyle, our massage therapists can also fabricate customized orthoses that can help improve the body's movement and recovery. Our therapists will take the time to understand your issues and suggest the best treatment for you. Give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you.

Types of Orthoses We Can Fabricate

The two main things to consider when fabricating a custom orthosis are part of the body it needs to be worn on and the type of condition or injury it needs to treat. They need to be fitted to stabilize the bone or muscle, alleviate pain and pressure, prevent further injury and aid recovery. Our massage experts will work with you to create solutions with the help of the following types of orthoses:

Bicep-style long arm orthosis (for distal bicep tendon repairs)

Hand and forearm-based MP extension orthosis


Long arm orthosis - with or without wrist

Dorsal blocking orthosis

Mallet or tip protector

Dynamic orthoses

Wrist support, thumb spica and resting hand


Accelerated Sport & Spine Physiotherapy is here to help you live a healthy, happy, and pain-free life. Call us to speak with our massage therapist, and book your appointment at our clinic in Prince George

Feeling Stressed Out?

Our massage therapists in Prince George will help relax your body and mind.

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